Poisoned patients to receive pension adjustment

Government approves adjustment of life pension for those affected by diethylene glycol.

People who consumed drugs contaminated with diethylene glycol from the Social Security Fund (CSS) almost 12 years ago could receive an increase of $200 to their monthly life pension.

This was agreed by the Cabinet Council, in its session held on Thursday, December 13, 2018.

However, to formalize this increase, it is necessary to amend Law 20 of 2013, which stipulates this annuity.

According to this rule, the amount of the pension must be reviewed every two years.

According to the Cabinet’s authorization, the Ministry of Economy and Finance will present the project to modify Law 20, in January.

The current pension is $600 per month. Each year, about $9 million is paid out.  

If the modification is approved quickly, the increase of $200 for each pensioner would come into force as of February 1st, 2019, according to a press release from the State Communication Secretariat.

The increase will benefit  1,069 patients who consumed the poison.

In 2006, the CSS produced and distributed 220,000 containers of medicines contaminated with diethylene glycol and 110,000 prescriptions were issued.

Among the drugs distributed at the time were syrups such as diphenhydramine or antihistamine syrup, expectorant without sugar and others items for external use, such as calamine.