Panameño recognized  in the scientific field

Panamanian scientist Guillermo Antonio Ameer, together with his team at Northwestern University in Chicago, created a regenerative bandage for wounds of diabetic patients.

Aneer will receive  recognition in February at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science for his contributions in the fields of biomaterials and regenerative engineering.

The Association  is one of the oldest and largest organizations in the world, founded in 1840 and with more than 120 thousand members, among them, the Panamanian scientist.

When consulting Ameer about the recognition he will receive, he stated that it is a very high honor, which is granted to only 1% of the members of this science association.

Ameer studied at the Pan-American Institute in Panama and resided in the Bethany area. He traveled to the United States to continue his training and joined the University of Austin, Texas, to study to get his degree in Chemistry. Subsequently, he obtained a Ph.D. in Chemical and Biomedical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Currently, he works as a professor of biomedical engineering and is the director of the Center for Advanced Regenerative Engineering at Northwestern University.

Other scientists who will receive recognition are mechanical engineering professor Jian Cao and physics professor and member of the Center for Exploration and Interdisciplinary Research in Astrophysics Frederic Rasio, also from Northwestern University.