Jungle Land gets 6 month repreave

ACP approves six months to Jungle Land in order to serve their last clients in Gatun.

At the request of the company, the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) granted Jungle Land Explorers Inc. a six-month period starting on November 1, 2018, to complete the commitments with its customers and leave the Canal areas.

Originally, the Canal had given the company until November 2 to leave Gatun, after releasing a statement in which it warned that Jungle Land did not have permission to operate as a tourist development and floating hotel that has been serving tourists since 2002.

During the six months till April, the company must comply with a number of conditions, such as having a sewage collection system (black and gray) in tanks with enough capacity to properly handle the discharges of the operation.

Likewise, they must present a copy of the contract of a company, authorized by the Maritime Authority of Panama, for the collection and final disposal of the wastewater in accordance with the regulations in force. In addition, show a copy of the current operating sanitary permit, issued by the Ministry of Health, for the activities carried out on the vessel and related facilities.

Request the inspection of the smaller vessels by the ACP and pay the amount of the corresponding funding for each, in addition to requesting permission to extract water from the Canal, comply with environmental requirements and pay for the water extracted monthly. Facilitate the execution of the inspections that the ACP will do to the vessel, platform and other areas of the Canal it occupies.

Finally, the ACP requested to guarantee the payment of all and any damages  caused to the Canal, users of its facilities and third parties, resulting or related to the activities carried out in Canal areas, through the presentation of a civil liability policy for an amount not less than one million dollars, which does not constitute a limitation of liability.