Spanish Drug Lord Captured in Panama

José Carlos Pombar Cameán , who was a fugitive from the Spanish justice system 14 years ago, was captured on Monday, November 12th, when he tried to enter Panama with false documents.

According to the Spanish newspaper El Correo Gallego, the arrest is the result of an investigation by the National Police of Spain, in collaboration with Interpol and the authorities of Guinea and Panama.

 Pombar Cameán was arrested for the first time for his links to drug trafficking in 1999.

According to the police, Pombar Cameán is currently one of the main exporters of drugs from African countries. In 2004, Pombar Cameán was residing  in Morocco and had legal business related to the fishing off the Galician coasts.

La Voz de Galicia learned that the drug trafficker wanted to return to Spain because "his legal advisors were interested a year ago in the prescription of their causes."

This news has not only been reported by the Spanish media, but also by the international media due to the causes in which it is involved.

The Central Narcotics Brigade of the National Police of Spain continued to monitor the actions of Pombar Camean despite him living in Africa.  He was also monitored by police authorities in the United States and Great Britain, according to the La Voz de Galicia investigation.