Walt Wizard at Comic Con

Peruvian artist Walt Wizard, who specializes in creating hyper realistic statues, will be presenting his work at Comic Con Panama, October 26-28.

For the last 11 years, the Peruvian artist Walt Wizard has created hyper realistic statues of celebrities. In a silicone base. he has recreated the image of characters like the wrestler Hulk Hogan, actor Brad Pitt and the wizard Harry Potter.

This year he will exhibit his work at Comic Con Panamá , from October 26 to 28.

After meeting his idol Sylvester Stallone, Walter Huamán, real name of the artist, began to make replicas of the garments of the movie Rocky Balboa, starring Stallone in 1976, and sell them online. "That made me think: if I already have the clothes, then I just need to make Rocky, and that’s why I started working on my first statue."

His art has taken him to events such as Comic Con New Yor.  He has clients  the as Hasbro, MGM, and continues to develop as an entrepreneur and promoter. "My dream is for Peruvians to realize what we are capable of creating, to see that a work of art made in Peru can be valued abroad."

How long does it take to make a statue?

The process takes four to six months, depending on the amount of visible parts of the body that the statue will be showing, the details that characterize the character such as tattoos or beards.

How is the creation process?

When you can have access to the artist you can make the mold of the face, hands or the whole body. In some cases you also ask for the clothes and accessories you will use. The creation process begins by deciding the position you are going to work and  then makie a real-scale plan, which is printed and used to have the location and sizes of bones, joints and muscles, and with this you can put together a complete structure of the body . Then comes the modeling in three stages: first the bones are modeled, then the musculature and finally the skin is modeled in which all the possible details are placed; Each pore is modeled one by one.

Is there any work that you feel most proud of?

For the work done on full body muscles and details such as tattoos, it would be that of wrestler Conor McGregor.

How do you get that feeling of life from the statues?

The use of medical grade silicone is essential, because it is the material most similar to human skin. During the final work, this material helps to achieve the hyper realistic effect, details such as lacrimal gloss, upper lashes placed in three rows, one by one, insert the hair and then shave it to create the feeling that the hair grows, put freckles, paint the veins and include hairs on the nose.

Any professional challenge that remains to be fulfilled?

That the hyper realist show be exhibited in the main cities of the world.

As for his new projects, the artist is planning  the development of aesthetic prostheses of human body parts, which aim to provide a better quality of life to people.

Comic Com is being held at the Amador Convention Center (previously called Figali).  You can get tickets on Ticketplus.com.pa