Caravana world wide food experience

Around the world in 1 day. Enjoy gastronomy, culture, folklore and traditions of more than 35 countries which come together to help the most vulnerable communities in Panama

This activity is organized by the Caravan of Social Assistance, Ladies, Diplomatic and Panamanians,  where you can enjoy meals, typico dances, drinks, presentations on stage and spend an afternoon with family and friends with attractions offered by the representations of more than 35 countries.

The Fiesta Around the World is the annual event organized by the Social Assistance Caravan, the Diplomatic and Panamanian Ladies, for the collection of funds destined for the social works carried out by the organization in the Republic of Panama for the benefit of the most needy groups in the country to the support of non-profit organizations with a social cause.

In this annual event, the various diplomatic and consular delegations accredited in Panama participate through their embassies, where each of them offers visitors products, crafts, traditional meals.  There are  dances and presentations of native groups from each country.

The Fiesta Around the World is an annual one-day event and held in the Atlapa Islands of Panama City, where approximately 9 thousand visitors come to enjoy the fair.

Caravana Social
Location:  Atlapa Convention Center, San Francisco, Panamá
Tel: : 831-02618 / 223-6078
Web page:
Instagram: @caravanasocial
Price: $3.00 (children under 10 are free)
When: October 16th, from noon to  8:00 pm