5 year visas to be granted

Panama will grant visas for five years to Venezuelans, Chinese, Dominicans and Cubans

As of October 12th, the National Immigration Service (SNM) will be granting the stamped visa with multiple entries and departures for up to five years to nationals of countries that require this type of visa to enter Panama.  

According to a statement from the entity, the countries whose citizens currently require this type of visa to enter the country are: Cuba, Venezuela, People’s Republic of China, Dominican Republic and India.

The SNM informed that the measure will be carried out by enforcing Executive Decree 611, issued this Thursday, which aims to "facilitate travel procedures for tourists and businessmen who regularly enter Panama and contribute to the economic development and growth."

Until now the valid period for the stamped visa ranged from three months to three years.

The SNM reminds people  that the time of stay allowed for foreign visitors is 30 days in accordance with Decree Law 3 of February 22, 2008.