Wilcox House renovation plan

Organizations that defend historical heritage sites have been demanding the restoration of the Wilcox House, in Colón for over a year.

This property dates back to 1913 and was declared a National Historical Monument in 2002, Last year it suffered a fire and is in an advanced state of deterioration. The Ministry of Housing and Land Management reported yesterday that as of  next week, work will start on shoring of the building.  Renovations will be divided into three stages.

President of the Republic, Juan Carlos Varela ,  had promised on November 5, 2017, the anniversary date of the city of Colón, that this historic monument would be restored. But the project has since grown.

Organizations such as the Panamanian Society of Engineers and Architects (SPIA) , as well as the Council of Sites and Monuments, Panama Chapter  have asked Varela to comply with his promise as the property is in poor state.

Martin Sucre , Minister of Housing and Land Management, reported yesterday that the work would be divided into three stages.  The first, consists of security fencing and shoring  the building’s structures.  The second phase has to do with the structural recovery of the external facade, restoration of the exterior balconies and ornaments. As for the third stage, Sucre clarified that it is an issue that is yet to be defined because the building could function as either a public office or museum.

The value of the first two phases is $ 5.5 million and the works would be in charge of the New Colón Consortium, as part of the Urban Renovation works.

Katti Osorio , from Icomos Panama chapter, hopes that the beginning of the works will be true and that the authorities will offer more details about the intervention.

The SPIA began this week in social networks a campaign that seeks to draw attention to restoration.

The Wilcox house was built in 1913 and was declared a Historic Monument of the Nation with Law 47 of 2002.