Panama revokes flag from Rescue ship 

The Aquarius 2 a migrant rescue ship operating in the central Mediterranean, will no longer be able to operate after being stripped of its final registration - Panama.

The Aquarius 2 is the last charitable ship operating in the central Mediterranean trafficking route, and has now lost is last two registrations, Gibraltar and Panama while at sea with 58 survivors abroad. 

The loss of the Panamanian flag brings an end to the rescue missions taking place off the Libyan coast unless Aquarius 2 can find a new flag to sail under. 

SOS Mediterranee, a charitable organization working aboard the Aquarius 2, expresses disappointment in “Panama bowing to pressure from the Italian government.”

However, Italy’s Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, despite describing the aid boats as a "taxi service" for migrants, denies putting pressure on Panama, tweeting “I don’t even know Panama’s area code.”