Martinelli wants to become mayor

Ex-president Ricardo Martinelli and deputy Sergio Chello Gálvez, of the CD party will collect signatures as of October 1 to seek the candidacy for the Mayor’s Office of Panama.

This  information was reported to the media by Luis Eduardo Camacho,   spokesman for the ex-governor.

Last August, Gálvez announced in the plenary session of the National Assembly that he and Martinelli would form an alliance to run for mayor of Panama. Martinelli would run for mayor and Gálvez would be his vice mayor.

Gálvez promised to get at least 10 thousand signatures for Martinelli in circuits 8-7, to which he belongs. To do so, he went to the Electoral Tribunal to present the required papers, in order to begin the application process.

According to Camacho, the former president relies on the support of residents of the capital district to get signatures, of which he needs "just under 9,000 signatures" to formalize his candidacy. "The political persecution that the president [Juan Carlos] Varela has done has victimized him [Martinelli]," Camacho said.

Martinelli will also seek the candidacy for deputy of the National Assembly in the circuit 8-8, during the primary that will celebrate CD next Sunday September 30.

The votes will be disputed with his lawyer Alejandro Pérez , with the singer Ricardo Weeks -  known as DJ Black, and with the ex-legisladora Mariela Jiménez , and others.