Black Week-end  is here!

Panama’s “Black Weekend” starting Friday 14th through Sunday September 16th, will have more participants this year as hotels, car rentals, restaurants and supermarkets join in.

Discounts in the capital city will abound  in 12 shopping centers, 2.000 stores, 12 car rental companies, cars, several supermarket chains, hotels and airlines that have developed  promotions to attract tourists. Visitors are anticipated from Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica and Mexico, and others, where Black Weekend was promoted.

Authorities estimate the visit of some 20,000 to 29,000 bargain-bound tourists

According to calculations by businessmen and authorities, sales during the weekend could exceed $ 90 million.

The flood  of discounts causes some consumers to end up over spending and the Consumer Protection Authority  (Acodeco) warns of the need for local consumers to  list their priorities.

Óscar García, director of Acodeco, urges consumers to be clear with the prices and their budget, compare prices,  check the proper functioning of devices before paying  and keep the bills, in addition to taking a photograph as proof in case it is It is necessary to file a claim.