Over $2.5 million spent on toys

The Ministry of the Presidency bought 600,000 toys, to the tune of $2,596,068 to be given to " children of different ages who are in situations of poverty" for the Christmas holidays of 2018.

The supplier for the toys will be the company BH Corp., SA . whose legal representative is Delta Alicia Castillo.

According to the  Office of the First Lady , BH Corp., SA was selected due to its lowest price. Two other companies submitted offers: Supraventas SA for $ 3.9 million; and AM CLUB, SA for $ 2.9 million.

The report -published on September 7  in Panama Purchase- highlights that "the selection of toys was focused on the development of the psychomotor skills of children of the age ranging from  4 to 11 years, focusing on games of educational character, that do not incite violence ". The toys will be delivered to students at 3,379 schools.

In addition, the school calendar for this year "will be modified by the Ministry of Education. Classes will end earlier than scheduled, as many campuses will be providing accommodation for the World Youth Day (WYD)" in January of 2019.