Largest organic nursery in Central America opens in Coclé

The largest organic nursery in Central America is located in Panama, specifically in the community of El Olivo in the village of El Caño de Natá, province of Coclé .

More than seven hectares of production and  main crops of mangoes, melons and cucumbers as well as Persian lemons, avocados and bananas. The fruits are not only for the national market but also for export, being its main market Europe .

The Minister of Agricultural Development, Eduardo Carles, said that the company that owns the project is called Simply Natural and that exports are made under the country brand Panama Exporta. .

"This is controlled agriculture, specifically for the production of seedlings with high genetic fruit," said Carles.

The inaugural of the nursery was held this Wednesday, September 5, where Minister Carles was in the company of representatives of Simply Natural, who placed the labeling of a container of  bananas and lemons that will be exported to the Netherlands .