Submarine seized in Capira

Senan seized a drug trafficking submersible type ship off the coast of Panama West used for drug trafficking.

The ship was located on the coast near the town of Capira and it is presumed that it was abandoned by narcotics traffickers.

According to the Senan, this ship was handmade and may have been used to transport between two to three tons of drugs.

During a media  presentation, it was reported that the confiscation was achieved after an intelligence operation.

The Panamanian security authorities do not rule out that the ship has transported some type of illicit cargo. Security Minister Alexis Bethancourt said this morning that some 73 people involved in drug trafficking have been in Panama.

Bethancourt told TVN Noticias that they are working with Colombian authorities to fight drug trafficking in the area. He also said that after the peace process in the neighboring country many dissident guerrillas of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia have joined gangs.