Naturgy replaces Fenosa

Naturgy is the new name of the electric distribution company, replacing ’Gas Natural Fenosa’ which presently provides the electricity distribution through Edechi and Edemet.

The new name will cover the company’s business in Spain and internationally, including Panama, and will address the challenges defined in the global Strategic Plan 2018-2022, a company statement said. "We are very aware that the world is changing. Markets, technology, and especially people evolve, and we as a company can  respond to these challenges, respecting the heritage of our 175 years’’,  he says.

As of last July, 1, this year, 1,088,370 customers were part of the Panamanian electrical system of which 481,966 were from Edemet and 155,080 were assigned to Edichi, both of which are part of Gas Natural Fenosa, which own 58% of the market in Panama.  The remaiing 451,3324 clients are serve by Ensa, which is part of the EPM group.

The remaining 451 thousand 324 clients are served by Ensa, which belongs to the Colombian group EPM.