Residents of Canal Basin granted land titles

Over 7,000 residents of the Panama Canal basin were granted land titles, within the framework of a program promoted by the National Land Administration Authority (Anati).

The Panama Canal Administration (ACP) reported today that the most recent title deed benefited 404 residents of the districts of Amador and Iturralde, in the district of La Chorrera.

"Thanks to this program, more than 7,000 residents in the Canal basin have legal security over their lands, promoting social peace and socioeconomic development," the ACP said on Wednesday in a public statement.

It noted that by having title deeds, residents can access bank loans or participate in programs such as the Economic Environmental Incentives executed by the Panama Canal in the basin, to improve the productivity of their land and preserve water and other natural resources, through the execution of environmentally friendly activities.

"With these programs, we promote the preservation of water resources and deliver new productive options based on green economy models. For the Panama Canal, the title deeds granted represent competitive advantages for sustainable regional production," said the Canal administrator, Jorge Quijano, during the granting of title deeds.

The ACP said that the cadastrial and land titling is currently carried out in the districts of Capira, La Chorrera, Colón and Cristóbal.