911 opens ambulance distribution site

The Unique System of Emergency Management (Sume 911) opened on August 28th, an ambulance launch site in Howard, with the aim of expanding its coverage area to the population

According to the Sume 911, the opening of this new ambulance launch site required an investment of over  $25,000

These funds were used in the construction of the new infrastructure, which is located in a strategic sector of Panama Pacifico, in the district of Arraiján, province of Panamá Oeste.

The location was chosen as it is near the near the bridge of the Americas  were traffic accidents occur often and also avoiding traffic jams that occur in the area, especially during peak hours.

According to Sume 911, this new site will be open 24 hours a day and will cover the areas of Panama Pacifico, Loma Coba, Veracruz, Cocolí, sectors near the Centennial Bridge, La Boca in Balboa, the El Chorrillo boundary and the bridge of the Americas.

Gil Rafael Fábrega, executive director of Sume 911, explained that it is looking to develop other projects such as in Panama Pacifico in Coclé, Veraguas and Balboa port and in Las Cumbres, in the north of the province of Panama.