Nepotism to be investigated

Angélica Maytín, General Director of Antai , asked the president of the National Assembly , Yanibel Ábrego , for a commission to investigate possible cases of nepotism within the Legislative body.

In a note addressed to Ábrego, the director of the Antai (National Authority of Transparency and Access to Information)  points out that public denunciations have emerged about "situations of nepotism among deputies" and the personnel assigned to their respective offices.

According to Maytin, an special commission may "confirm or rule out" the possible ties of kinship or consanguinity in the following cases: the deputy of Cambio Democrático (CD) , Marylín Vallarino, who has her husband Agustín Sellhorn as substitute and their daughters as advisers ; the PRD deputy Rosa Canto who would have under contract her sister Isabel Canto, and two children.

Maytin also mentions in the list the deputy Absalón Herrera , who would have hired his wife Nelkis Irina, his in-laws Betty Lutter and Alberto Lutter, and his brother-in-law Sandro Ben Busto; CD deputy Edwin Zúniga, who would have hired his brother Elam Zúñiga; and the CD deputy Mario Miller, who would have hired Cecilia de Chacón in the 080 form, who claimed that she did not know she was named.

The director of the Antai also refers to deputies Nelson Jackon of CD, who would have named his wife Yuri de Jackson; to Iracema Ayarza , of the PRD, who would have her children Jessica and Percival Dale, and her sister-in-law Iris Baruco de Ayarza.

In as much, the deputy Jaime Pedrol would have designated his sister-in-law Socorro de Pedrol; and Benicio Robinson , of the PRD, would name his son Jaime Robinson. Meanwhile, the panameñista Jorge Alberto Rosas would have his deputy Armando Guerra as deputy director of the Lottery, according to the report of the Antai.

Adolfo Valderrama , a Panamanian deputy, would have his nephew Rodrigo Botello and his mother-in-law Gabriela Chiari, and the Panamanianist Katleen Levy to her cousin Gino Díaz. While Franz Wever, Secretary General of the Assembly, his children Franz and Ariadna Wever.

Maytín recalled that Article 12 of the Code of Ethics and Parliamentary Honor, consistent with Article 70 of the Internal Rules of the National Assembly, the Permanent Ethics and Honor Committee of the Assembly has the power to form an special commission.

He added that if the allegations are confirmed, they should proceed to sanction the deputies according to the established rules.