Panama city to colllect its own garbage

Director of the AAUD endorses proposal for the Municipality of Panama to collect garbage

The director of the Urban and Domiciliary Cleaning Authority (AAUD) , Eladio Guardia , said on Tuesday July 31 that he supports the idea of ​​trash collection bythe Municipality of Panama and said that "in the future there should be an authority that supervise all the mayors at the  national level ".

Guardia said that "the management model has always been to have a ministry that oversees the 78 city halls and that each municipality carry out its own management.  Mayors have the power to grant or make the collection issue with their own resources."

He added that when the AAUD was created in 2010 the jurisdiction of the Municipality of Panama was removed, and he said that President Juan Carlos Varela and Mayor José Blandón had the vision of making the transfer of the collection back to the municipality. They have worked "in creating a new law that does this in a responsible way and to have a model that works".

Guardia said that it is important to ensure the job security of those who have worked in the institution and that workers be guaranteed conditions in case of transfer to the municipality.

The statements of Guardia were given to his departure from the Budget Committee of the National Assembly, where he requested a transfer of departure for one million 200 thousand dollars for the rental of tippers and backhoes to address  critical points that are in the eastern and southern areas. north of the country for the period of one year.

This after announcing a plan to "redouble efforts" in the collection of waste in these sectors with accumulation of waste due to damage to the trucks during the last weeks.