Producers want protection for the  Panamania  farmer

Producers demand the suspension of imports that protects Panamanian farmers

A group of producers from different sectors protested this morning, Tuesday, July 24, on the bridges over the La Villa river against the increase of imports in the country  blocking  road access to the province of Los Santos.
The protection of the Panamanian agricultural sector stood out as one of the demands.

The producers of Azuero  got together at dawn on the bridges over the river La Villa whic required the presence of a national authority.

Nelson CedeƱo, spokesman for the group, said that they presented the government with a list of seven petitions and demand a response.

Among the requests is to establish a dialogue between ifficials of the Varela administration, producers, importing companies and industrialists.

They also request that the law of the Panamanian Food Safety Authority be revised and reformed and that free trade agreements be reviewed.

A request is that the agricultural sector be declared in a state of national emergency. They also asked for a moratorium on their loans  by  banking institutions.