Director to pay $19K in cell charges

Deputy director Juan Francisco Guerrero spent some $19,000 on data and roaming on a cell phone assigned to INAC

The National Institute of Culture (Inac) confirmed on Sunday July 15 the existence of a billing statement that reflects a "surplus" for the use of data roaming on the telephone line assigned to the deputy director, Juan Francisco Guerrero.

In a statement, the Inac clarified that it has not authorized the payment of said expense, so it will be the responsibility of the assistant director to assume the payment of the amount owed to the telephone company, "without prejudice to any other disciplinary action taken in this regard."

"It is the duty of public servants to make responsible use of the State’s resources, as well as to assume the responsibilities that may arise," the entity said in the letter.

"We deeply regret this situation and take the opportunity to express clearly and emphatically that it is completely unacceptable," he said.