8.3% average increase to electricity costs.

Over 274,000 customers will see their electrical bills increase by roughly 8.3% announced ASEP on Thursday afternoon.

Approximately 5% of the clients of the electric companies will have no increase in the rate due to their low consumption.

A customer who consumes between 301 and 350 kilowatt hours per month on average and pays $ 60.84 per month will see an increase of $ 5.81 if he is an Edemet customer, that is, he will now pay 66.65 dollars. If you are an Ensa customer and consume in this same range between 301 and 350 kilowatt hours per month, your bill will increase 4.76 dollars and now you will pay 65.60 dollars.

The variation in the increase between Ensa and Edemet is related to the type of generation contracts that each distribution company has, since if it has a higher percentage of thermals, energy is also a bit more expensive.

The highest percentage increase in the rate is related to the delay of the third transmission line and the additional costs of this project that was contracted for $ 273 million, including financing costs and will end up costing $ 345 million, not including the $ 135 million in generation forced by not having the line on time.

The administrator of the ASEP, Roberto Meana, informed that although this increase will be applied to these clients, the remaining 75.5% of the clients, amounting to 846,373 throughout the country, will not have an increase in the rate due to the contribution of $ 38.8 million state subsidy for this semester.

Edechi customers, who number 156,792 customers, will almost be subsidized, since only 14 medium voltage and high voltage customers will have an increase in this second semester.