Logging on Ancon Hill

In July 2011, The Municipal Council of the District of Panama declared the district of Cerro Ancon a protected area and a natural reserve.

The images about the supposed cutting of forest on Ancón hill circulated yesterday on social networks as a situation that surprised environmentalists because the area where the photos were taken is in front of the building where the National Association used to operate Conservation of Nature (Ancon) , which caught fire in 2015.

Ancon Hill is declared a protected area and natural reserve of the district of Panama according to agreement No. 157 of July 31, 2001, which in the third article prohibits the hunting, felling, burning, gathering and destruction of natural resources , as well as any other activity that threatens the proper use of this nature reserve.

The director of the Environmental Advocacy Center, Sonia Montenegro , explained that what the image shows goes against the works that are carried out such as the alliance for the million hectares and the calls of the authorities to protect the environment.