Martinelli’s wish list includes domestic

Former President Ricardo Martinelli has sent a long list of requests to the Penitentiary System, which includes a domestic employee.

Martinelli has begun living at the Penitentiary  but has made a list of items to make his stay more  comfortable as he was denied alternate precautionary living space.

Polo -  Martinielli’s lawyer, who usually appears with Martinelli at hearings in the Supreme Court of Justice - asked permission, as a matter of urgency, to introduce several articles to the prison, which would be added to others already received by the ex-ruler, such as a microwave.

For example, Martinelli requested a tank to store more water, which would be "donated" when he leaves the prison. Martinelli also asked for a water heater.

His list does not include books,  as the ones he has been carrying around to various audiences, but a 45-inch television, with cable, equipment to listen to music and a blue ray player. The requests continue: a piece of furniture and wooden shutters for the windows, so that the sun’s radiance does not bother him.  Add to the list, a dehumidifier and a computer, it is unknown if it would have access to the internet.

 Martinelli most  extravagant request is a maid, who would be responsible for cleaning every day, for two hours,

he request, says Polo, is based on the regulations of the Penitentiary System, as regards to visits to the inmates.
This article talks about regular visits, conjugal and family, as well as their lawyers, officials of the Judicial Branch , public defender, Public Ministry, priests, diplomatic representatives, Ombudsman and "professionals called by the inmate."

That is, Martinelli has asked a "professional" in domestic affairs to take care of the restroom of the residence.