CD pre candidates to start campaining

As of Tuesday, June 26, 12 presidential candidates of the CD party will be able to start campaigning for the primaries of August 12th.

For 45 days the candidates for the presidential candidacy will be able to hire and carry out their respective electoral campaigns.

The CD candidates are: Rodrígo Sarasqueta, José Raúl Mulino, Luis Felipe Glaize Ruiz, Rodrigo Farrugia, Rómulo Roux, Iván Montalvo, Riccardo Francolini, Luis Ángel García Méndez, Giselle Burillo, Jorge Luis Quirós Chial, Jorge Alberto Ceballos and Francisco Denis Real .

Saturday, the National Commission of Elections of CD informed that the TE published in the Electoral Bulletin the nomination of Rómulo Roux.  The application of Roux, current president of CD, was challenged by Rodrigo Sarasqueta, but the appeal was rejected.