Acodeco receives real estate complaints

Acodeco received 255 complaints amounting to more than $ 19 million regarding real estate transactions, occupying the majority of complaints received by the Consumer Protection agency.

79 cases were presented in April, 77 in March, 58 in January and 48 in February.

Consumers to complain varied from abusive clauses, breach of contract, lack of information, hidden vice, lack of commercial information, improper collection, breach of guarantee, return of money, payments, cancellation of contract, retained payments, clarification of contract and damage.

Oscar García, administrator Acodeco  asks buyers to take the time to visit, review and evaluate the projects.

’Read contracts of sale carefully.  Keep all the advertising material of the project, emails with companies, banks, etc, as they may be necessary documents t required during proceedings of any irregularity that may arise’ said García.

It should be noted that all data concerning these consumer complaints are registered in the ’Complaint Board’ of the institution’s website. They include the names of the 155 real estate companies that were sued. Consumers may want to consult this information before looking at projects.