An apology from IDAAN Director

IDAAN Director, Juan Felipe De la Iglesia has apologized for his comments about sectors "squandering water" with the filling of plastic pools.

"The intention was not to offend or belittle any citizen" Juan Felipe De La Iglesia responded, defending his comment that "in many popular sectors, residents are squandering water with the uncontrolled filling of plastic pools".

The director of the Institute of Aqueducts and Sewers National (IDAAN), Juan Felipe De La Iglesia, also offered an apology to citizens for the statement during his appearance in the plenary session of the National Assembly of Deputies.

"The intention was not to offend, nor to underestimate any citizen", but rather to express a genuine concern about the high consumption of water which, added to the leakage loss, is an important component of the problems facing IDAAN.

It should be noted that currently, Panama records a per capita water expenditure that triples the average of the rest of the countries in Latin America.