Meduca allows students to wear hijabs

Panama’s Ministry of Education (Meduca) will allow students to wear hijabs in three educational regions where there are high Muslim populations.

Meduca explains that the decision to authorize the use of hijabs or veils in the regions of Panama Centro, Panamá Este and Herrera came after is based on the constitutional principles of freedom of religion, thought and religious conscience, as well as in the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights of the Child and the Girl. 

Karina Herrera, of the Confederation of Parents of Family, explains that the use of the veil is a "cultural expression" she does not see why this is a decision for the authorities. "We must understand that Panama is a multicultural country," stresses the leader of the parents, adding that the "Muslim religion avoids exposing the women’s bodies". Herrera recommended that the rules be extended to all the regions.

The decision made firm by circular No.DGE-124-008 on February 27, 2018, for now only authorizes the use of the hijab in three educational regions, however, there is a hope it will spread throughout the country.