Pirates attack Panamanian Vessel

The Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) has confirmed that The Panamanian-flagged vessel Marine Express, with its 22 crew members was“safe" after the ship was the object of a pirate attack.

The Panamanian flag vessel was transporting 13,500 tons of oil and came from the port of Cotonou, Benin, before its disappearance on Thursday, reported the AFP agency. Thursday, February 1  the ship stopped issuing the navigation position through the LRIT team while sailing through the waters of the Gulf of Guinea.

"At the moment, the captain and crew are in Singapore. The crew, who are all Indian, are safe. Explained Anglo Eastern, the ship’s operating company, through social media. 

According to the AMP, investigations into this incident will continue, in order to know more about the conditions and situations involved with acts of piracy.