’Black Weekend’ before Carnival

The Tourism Authority of Panama (ATP) wants another Black Friday. The ATP launched Panama Black Weekend in September.

Now, to attract tourists during the days leading up to the celebration of Carnival, the ATP is thinking about another Black Friday, this time in February. The objective? 10 thousand visitors before February 10th, when the Carnival begins. 

Gustavo Him of the ATP explained that last September, with the international promotion of the Black Weekend, six thousand people entered Panama, the goal would be to attract 4 thousand more.

The promotion would be advertised in Colombia, Ecuador and other countries in Central America and the Caribbean.

"Stores will still have inventory left from year-end and we will use that point to attract tourists with discounted prices," said Him. 

ATP has a Carnival budget of 2.2 million dollars, of which 1.5 million dollars will be used to cover the activities in the capital city, and the rest will go to support the interior.  Tenders have been issued for stages, fireworks, food supply as well as security and sanitary products. Artists that will be playing on two platforms will be tendered.

"Only national artists will be hired from the budget assigned to the ATP, which will be selected from the results of a survey we are carrying out.  We are looking for the support of the private sector to bring in international artists," said Him.