Ngäbes ask $ 4 million from Google

A project loon balloon belonging to Google was recently found in the Ngäbe region of Panama.

According to sources the device fell on Saturday, November 4 in indigenous territory and remains in Ngäbe possession. While management from Google representatives attempted to retrieve the balloon in the Bocas del Toro region, the indigenous community has made several requests in exchange for the safe return of the device, including a payment of 4 million dollars. 

Currently, Google and the Ngäbe-buglé community in Bocas are at a standstill. 

A meeting held in the community of Nueva Esperanza, in the village of Mancreek, Bocas del Toro district, the representatives of the Ngäbe-buglé ethnic group requested the delegates of Google pay the sum of "4 million dollars" in exchange for returning the artifact.

Of the amount requested, 2 million dollars would be for the resident of the farm where the hot air balloon is located and the other 2 million for the Nueva Esperanza community, the sources said.

In addition, other requests were made, such as providing them with oil and engines of 200 horsepower for the boats, as well as medicines, purchase of fish and a supply of medicines.

The device is part of the Google Loon project, a project that aims to bring Internet signaling to rural and remote areas of the southern hemisphere with unmanned balloons and, in the case of Panama, has "with due authorization" from the Directorate General of Aeronautics Civil.