Panama secures place in 2018 World Cup

Panama will celebrate securing a place at next year's World Cup with a public holiday Wednesday, October 11th, 2017.

President Juan Carlos Valera declared Wednesday a public holiday in the country after the national team qualified for their first ever World Cup, beating Costa Rica 2-1.

According to reports, government offices are closed in Panama today and seguro medical appointments have been canceled. Furthermore, Private companies will have to pay workers time and a half.

Valera wrote on Twitter after the game: "The voice of the people has been heard; celebrate Panama's historic day. Tomorrow will be a national holiday.”

The president said that workers would be given the day off of work and schools would be closed giving the country an opportunity to celebrate their national team's triumph with friends and families.

Panama was alive into the wee hours of the morning as fans celebrated after the game. The win made the front page of all the local newspapers.

"We are going to the World Cup, damn it!" read the front page of Critica newspaper.