ATTT proposes Uber-Taxi rules

As protests from taxi-drivers and tourist operators continue Panama’s Authority on Transport (ATTT) works towards a resolution.

The ATTT has officially recognized the existence of “technological platforms” and that these platforms “must be regulated within the framework of Panama’s transportation law.”

The ATTT said: “It is imperative to analyze whether the normative parameter that existed since 1993 is in line with the reality that we are experiencing today, and the legitimate demands of the users to receive an efficient and contemporary public transport service of passengers and that allows the Authority to possess greater tools to  guarantee a better service for citizens.”

The statement issued by the ATTT points out that “since mobility is a very dynamic activity, this Authority has repeatedly recognized and expressed to various public passenger transport organizations the importance of discussing strong modifications to existing transport laws or better still a new public transport law, that avoids future controversies that can emanate in response to the advance of society.”

The resolution recommends to the relevant bodies that, “Within the possible regulation of the activity generated through technological platforms, consideration should be given to creating the conditions that allow the protection of the right to equality and the legitimate expectations of taxi drivers.

“The necessary regulation must be propitiated so that a monopoly in the activity is not created” the report concluded.

Interested parties will have five days to appeal proposed regulations.