New visa requirements for Venezuelans visiting Panama

Starting October 1, 2017, Venezuelans entering Panama will be required to have a stamped Visa. Juan Carlos Varela announced the decision, in a message to the Nation, informing that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, together with the National Migration Service, will have 30 days for the necessary coordination required to execute this decision.

The government of Panama website reported, Varela said: “Given the rupture of the democratic order in Venezuela, a situation that endangers our security, our economy, the sources of jobs for Panamanians, and after a thorough analysis, I have decided to demand visas from Venezuelan citizens who want to travel to Panama”.

"Consequently with our commitment to solidarity and humane treatment, we will grant immigration status to the 25 thousand Venezuelans who were duly registered until 30 June 2017”, added President Varela.

The Head of the Executive explained that the measures announced today will be maintained until the democratic order is restored, the Constitution is restored and human rights are respected in Venezuela.

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