19 students poisoned in El Valle

The Ministry of Health and the Public Ministry in the province of Coclé began an investigation to determine the causes of ailments detected in 19 students of the Professional and Technical Institute of El Valle de Anton.

According to Itza Barahona de Mosca, National Director of Health, on June 23 they received a report that several children had symptoms such as sweating, palpitation.  It was reported that they had consumed candies.An investigation was initiated and the candies were removed from the site where they were sold, said the official.

Barahona de Mosca indicated that of the 19 children affected, 5 had to be hospitalized under observation in the hospital Aquilino Tejeira de Penonomé. By Saturday afternoon they had been discharged and out of danger.

Authorities are investigating whether there was any type of contamination with a substance other than those contained in the candy eaten by the children and are taking toxicological tests necessary to determine what type of substance it could have been.

The National Director of Health asked the parents of families and students to report any data that may help the investigation.