Copa pilots could strike June 15th

Approximately 1000 pilots will go on strike on June 15th if a collective agreement is not reached in the coming days. So far, Copa Airline pilots have rejected two proposals from the airline. 

The two economic proposals the airline presented in the negotiations would be in force until 2021. However, both were rejected by the pilots, members of the Panamanian Union of Commercial Aviators (Unpac).

Luis Young, Secretary General of Unpac, said that “negotiations with the airline are at a standstill.” And that the economic proposals presented by the company do not cover the requests made by the pilots. The first offer made by the company a month ago was a wage increase of 1.5 percent, while Unpac is asking for a 40 percent adjustment.

Young said that second proposal included an increase of 8 percent and then added the payment of a private retirement program. Beyond the salary adjustment, pilots are demanding that the airline recognizes the payment of overtime and the creation of a scale for years of seniority Young continued.

In a statement, Copa Airlines said that for reasons of confidentiality it could not comment on aspects of the negotiations, but reiterated its position to continue negotiating to avoid the strike that has been planned for June 15th.

“As a company, we are responsible and committed to the well­ being of our staff,” the company said.