ATTT Approves Transit courts for Panama West

The Transit Authority and Land Transport (ATTT) has approved the creation of transit courts in  La Chorrera, Chitré and Colón.

These courts will seek to execute the administrative procedures and expedite the diligence in the cases of traffic accidents and infractions related to vehicular traffic.


December 21, 2016 the ATTT adopted Resolution JD-56, this resolution is authorizing the creation of the courts transit districts Colón, La Chorrera and Chitre. Furthermore, The CEO of the ATTT, Julio Gonzalez, received authorization from the Ministry of Government for the creation of these courts.

The traffic court of La Chorrera will seek to streamline the processes of users who are involved in a crash in the districts of Arraiján, Capira, Chame, La Chorrera and San Carlos.