Remembering cyclist Monica Licona Lepida

Sunday, October 2nd cyclist met in Panama City on the Cinta Costra to celebrate the life of Monica Licona Lepida. The young cyclist who was killed in a hit and run in Panama City over a year ago is remembered all over Panama and internationally. 


The event, lead by Monica's sister, Lianna and relatives included a 5km walk and 20km bike on the Cinta Costea. This “meeting for life” was aimed at raising awareness for drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists using public roads. In the city, the day began on the Miramar Intercontinental where Monica was killed, in front of the white painted bicycle that stands as a memorial.

A similar memorial celebration was held in David and Boquete, Chiriqui, with 20k and 40k bike rides for novice and experienced cyclists.