NGO requests removal of breast cancer awareness installation

The Panamanian Foundation, La Fundación Pro Conservación de los Primates Panameños (FCPP) has requested the removal of the pink blanket covering India Dormida (the sleeping Indian peak).

The pink blanket was placed on the hillside as part of a breast cancer awareness campaign by the office of the first lady, Lorena Castillo de Varela. According to the office of the first Lady the installation, that has been on the mountain since September 14th, 2016  “is a comprehensive project with all environmental certifications.”

however, Pedro Méndez-Carvajal, director and principal investigator of the FCPP, told La Estrella Panama that they are requesting the pink blanket be removed from the mountain as it could harm the diversity of fauna and flora underneath it. The group believes that damage could result from the heat generated by the material covering the surface of the mountain. 

FCPP director added that the animals and plants that are under that pink blanket could suffer from lack of light, which will prevent growth and cause a die-off of plants in that perimeter.

Another concern some residents have raised is that the blanket seems to have already been negatively affected by whether in the area, scattering portions of the pink material along the hillside.