Proposal to rescue 84-year-old building in La Mesa, Veraguas

Civic groups and local authorities in La Mesa de Veraguas are asking the Ministry of Education (Meduca) to consider a project for the rescue and rehabilitation of the community's first school. 

 The 84-year-old building is stone built and before its closure was the educational center of the region. 

Julian Wong, mayor of the district of La Mesa, says that the proposed project includes the complete renovation of the building and the creation of a cultural center for the promotion and training on various topics involving several institutions in Veraguas.

According to Wong, the mesano people feel nostalgic towards the school and see it as a "very strong" building, because of the good memories and history within. 

Investing in the La Mesa Veraguas School Building 

The project to rebuild the school while retaining its original architecture will cost about $800,000. However the final decision to save the building is up to Meduca, because the municipality does not have the funds explained  the Mayor. While the National Bank showed interest in using the building to set up their headquarters, however the structure is large, and there is potential to get more from the building. 

But thus far the old school stone structures built in 1932, remains empty and each day "the walls of this old school deteriorate further," said Wong.

Residents of La Mesa Veraguas on the School 

Alvaro Aguilar, who lives in La Mesa de Veraguas, was sad to see the old building, which once served as a learning center, fall apart even though the mesano people are asking for its restoration. Residents feel it is apathy and a lack of interest that prevents the school from being a place of touristic value in this district.

Aguilar said that one of the main proposals is that the school become "La Casa de la Cultura de La Mesa”. The building would retain its original style and design and music, dance, painting and other arts would be used to teach and promote the region’s culture , traditions and development.