Panama City's newest selfie site

Yesterday, Tuesday May 17th Panama’s Tourism Authority (ATP) inaugurated an installation on the Cinta Costera, that will offer visitors a photo opportunity that has become popular around the world.


According to the ATP, this structure displaying the country’s name “Panama” offers the nation brand identity and an is attractive point for tourists visiting the country to take a photo. The installation measures 11.12 meters wide and has a height of 1.80 meter.

"The colors of the letters used in the name 'Panama' correspond with the country’s main tourism brand 'Visit Panama’. "The idea is that tourists and Panamanians have a place to take a picture or “selfie” memory, it is a way to promote the country" explained Gustavo Him, ATP Administrator.

According to the ATP,  the welcome sign is an indication of “rich tourist activity” as these type of structures welcome tourists in major cosmopolitan cities like Cancun, Aruba and  Curacao.

Gustavo Him said the coastal strip was the location chosen because it offers a broad landscape of urban development in the country, the Pacific Ocean and part of the Old Town.  Currently The ATP is evaluating the possibility of installing other structures of this nature within the country, which are major tourist attraction.