Guna Congress breaks relations with Government of Panama

In a letter released April 14th 2016 Guna General Congress announced that they were breaking their relations with the Government of Panama asking state agencies with offices in the region to leave within 7 days.

The specific reasons why the Guna Congress made the decision to break ties with the Panamanian government were explained in an earlier letter addressed to the President, Juan Carlos Varela. The letter was dated Sunday, April 3 rd.

"Following some isolated incidents on our territory with tourists that were distorted by the media regarding the 'legality' of the charges due to the exercise of tourism in the region Guna yala engaged communities and owners of islands have received from the Ministry of Government an informal [verbal] communication that such activities are illegal. This verbal communication was disrespectful to our county and local authorities. To the point of hearing the unfortunate statements of Interior Minister [Milton Henriquez] on the lack of indigenous autonomies, the illegal charges, even racist statements indicating that we are not originating in Panama, we ask to clarify formally if this is a position of the government or was it a private opinion of the minister?”

So far, the Government has not made an official statement on this situation.

Guna General Congress spokesmen reported that Monday, April 18 issued an official statement extending details of the measures taken.