Zika Reaches Panama West

Another case of the Zika virus was confirmed yesterday by the Ministry of Health (MoH). The case was discovered during a routine  cleaning and fumigation operation conducted in the district of Arraijan, Panama Province West.

Health Minister, Francisco Javier Terrientes, who was leading the day, explained to press that with this new case the total number of people affected by the virus in Panama has reached 119.  

Terrientes explained that there are currently a total of 5 confirmed cases of Zika in Panama West. Department of Epidemiology (MoH) reports that those cases are include one in the village of Veracruz, two in the district of Vista Alegre, Arraiján, one in the villages of Playa Leona, La Chorrera and one in Gorgona, Chame.

Protecting yourself and your family:

The best way to protect yourself from Zika is to iliminate breeding grounds. Any stagnant water can be a potential site for mosquito breeding. If you live in an area where there is a lot of mosquitos contact a local pest control company to spray the area. Try to avoid getting bitten by mosquitos. This can be achieved by wearing DEET, long sleeves and pants.