Drought Continues

Climate experts announced this Sunday that the recent drought associated with the El Niño weather phenomenon will continue. 

In recent years, drought has been a main factor in reduced crop production across Central America.

This year has resulted in particular low crop outputs. Unfortunately, there is no end in sight for the current climate.

The drought is expected to continue in Panama, adding to months of hard conditions for farmers. Climatology experts have asked that Panama exercise caution with water use in an effort to maintain a level of water in reservoirs to meet the needs of the entire country.

It’s not only Panama that suffering, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, have also experienced drought conditions. 

In addition, experts predict 2015 will be the hottest year on record. 

While parts of the country continue to suffer drought, the El Niño climatic effect brings other regions heavier rainfall and abnormal weather patterns. 

With extreme weather events including droughts, heat waves and floods, increasing in frequency and intensity, poorer nations are the most vulnerable. With a lack food security, among the growing impacts of climate change, it is clear that we all have a stake in solving the problem.