Traffic Fatalities Rise

As the first of the November holidays come to an end, the list of injuries, primarily traffic related, grows. November 5, 17 people were injured when a mini bus lost control and was over turned near Anton Panama. The bus lost control after being struck in the windshield by a stone.

The stone was believed to have been thrown by a group of young kids, who hit several vehicles prior to the bus. National Police have accounted for at least 10 other cars affected by the unidentified individuals.

The bus, which was driving on the Arraiján-La Chorrera stretch of the Pan-American highway, fell into a 1.70 meter ditch after a stone broke the windshield and hit the driver in the chest.

The drive Diana Cedeño, said the vehicle she was driving, was rented. Cedeno went on to explain that the broken window fell on her husband and daughter, who were sitting in the passenger seats of the bus.

Earlier in the afternoon two people were injured when a taxi went out of control and overturned near Chorrera.

Finally, Tuesday Nov. 3 a 15 year old boy was killed in when a car was traveling at a high speed and collided with a bus in Capira. 17 others were injured in the accident.

With just over 320 traffic fatalities so far this year, Panama will likely reach the 426 fatalities of last year, but the New Year. Considering the country has a population of under 4 million, the death toll is extremely high when compared to other major cities with a lot more people.