Expat Murdered in La Chorrera Home

Friday Sept, 18 Mi Diario reported an 81 year old expat, Andreas Zakos was murdered in his home in San Francisco La Chorrera. The victim received  blows to various parts of his body and was found tied up.

According to his neighbors, the victim was a friendly man who had moved into the home only 5 months prior. His neighbors explained that Thursday afternoon they saw him, as always, on the terrace receiving a visit, supposedly from three friends, with whom he shared a meal.  At 1:00 AM, according to one of the neighbors, two men entered the house and seemed to have a discussion.
Then he heard something fall, and there was a cry after which, the music volume was turned up.

The neighbor estimates the time they  were inside the residence to be about a half an hour. After which, a Kia arrived and the two men ran out of the house one  carrying  a backpack.

Police investigations are ongoing.