Say Goodbye to the Third Lane bumps

Update: The Transit Authority and Land Transport (ATTT), removed the bumps placed along the shoulder of Highway in Arraiján, La Chorrera. According to the ATTT, the pilot project will take an alternative measure of vertical signs,  and intensifying surveillance and supervision.

Earlier this month the Transit Authority and Land Transport (ATTT) placed bumbs in the third lane on 1.600 meters of highway in Chorrera. The intention is to prevent unnessisary accidents. The bumps begin at Westland Mall and continue to Loma Cova, in Arraijan.

Work continued until more than 200  bumps were placed on the shoulders of this major vehicular artery. The bumps were also intended to cover part of the road leading towards the center of the capital city. The Director General of the ATTT, Julio Gonzalez Pereira, explained that this measure aims to stop drivers from violating Act. No. 51 of the Traffic Regulations, which prohibits the use of road shoulders.