Panama May Open Doors to Syrian Refugees

During a press conference on Sept 8, 2015, President Juan Carlos Varela announced that the government will consider accepting Syrian refugees. "We are gladly willing to open our doors. The world needs to open the doors to people affected by this tragedy.

How could we close our doors to those fleeing the war, looking for better days for their families?" explained President Varela.

He added that he will contact the UN immediately through the Foreign Ministry.

It is not only Panama vowing to do more, other Latin American countries have also jumped on the “open doors” bandwagon. Brazilian President, Dilma Rousseff and Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, also pledged to welcome Syrian refugees.

More than 4 million refugees have already fled Syria and another 7.6 million people are expected to be displaced in the near future.

According to the UN refugee agency 380,000 people have crossed the Mediterranean sea this year landing in Europe. Thousands of refugees fleeing from conflicts occurring in Iraq, Lybia, Syria have died attempting the dangerous crossing.

Recently, a three-year-old Kurdish boy name Aylan Kurdi, washed up dead on a Turkish beach. Media sources blasted a disturbing photo of the young boy face down in the surf, which has led to pleas for more to be done to help with the current refugee crisis.