Flooding caused by Heavy Rain

More than 20 areas in Panama City, San Miguelito, La Chorrera and Colón were affected by flooding after heavy rains on Tuesday, according to the civil defense agency Sinaproc.

19 landslides in Colón and San Miguelito were reported, 10 trees down in Panama City, La Chorrera and Colón and three collapsed walls in houses in Panama City, Colón and San Miguelito.

Around 90 people were stranded after their homes were flooded in Colón. They were assisted by Sinaproc, the Panama Fire Department and police.

Mario Enrique Chang, deputy director of Sinaproc, explained that flooding was caused by garbage that blocked storm drains.

According to reports, there were 10 affected stores in the Country Plaza shopping center, and the parking lot also flooded.
Francisco Sanjur, of the transit agency ATTT, also reported that a number of roads had flooded. The agency was patrolling flooded areas to assist stranded motorists.

Problem areas included Tumba Muerto, la Aquilino de la Guardia, Condado del Rey, Villa Cáceres, Betania, Dorado Lake, and the Corredor Norte and Corredor  Sur, among others.