September is Ocean Month in Panama

This September is oceans month in Panama. For one month the country of Panama comes together to help spread the word that the ocean needs our help.

Beach cleanups are organized, businesses launch "blue campaigns" and individuals work to make changes in their daily lives.

We often forget how connected we are to the ocean and why it is so important for humans to make changes that will improve the ocean’s health. Actions like using recyclable bags instead of plastic ones, picking up trash on the beach, and reusing metal or glass bottles as oppose to using single serving plastic ones, are not small acts, they can make a huge difference!

Imagine everyone did a couple of these things for one day what a difference we could see? Ocean month is about realizing that human life depends oceans, that they are a key part of our ecosystem covering more than 70% of the earth's surface generating half of the oxygen on Earth.

It is exciting to see ocean month gaining steam each year, as more and more businesses jump on the blue bandwagon, doing their part to help out.

This year one of those businesses is SuperDeportes. The extreme sports brand/store has teamed up with MarViva creating the #QueXopaConElMar campaign translating to "Whats up with the ocean". The campaign will bring recyclable bags instead of plastic ones to all superdeportes branches and offer clients the opportunity to donate $1, $3, or $5 to the local NGO MarViva.